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Five ways to use essential oils

Why is lavender so calming? It is because of something chemical, or because we’re told it’s good for relaxation? Things that make you go “hmmm.” Scents can affect our mood–but not for the reasons we may think, according to a report by Rachel Herz, an assistant professor at Brown University in Scientific American. Instead, scents… Continue reading Five ways to use essential oils

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3 benefits to donating blood + tips!

Around holidays and birthdays we struggle to find the perfect gift for our friends and loved ones. What about the perfect gift for strangers? Donating blood helps those who have lost a great deal of blood due to trauma, disease and violence. Every non-profit, political campaign and charity on the face of the earth seeks… Continue reading 3 benefits to donating blood + tips!


Apps to help you remain New Years resolute

The new year has only just begun. Have you kept up your gym streak? Have you staved off the urge to spoil your diet? Here are three apps to keep you on track for building healthy habits for free. 1. Aqualert Google Play: Free | App Store: Free I found this one just before the ball dropped. It’s… Continue reading Apps to help you remain New Years resolute


Set a theme for 2017 and rock the new year

Every year hundreds of thousands of people resolve to make the new year “my year.” Every year tens of thousands of people quit the gym after the first month. Me too. When I started my planning for this post, I thought I’d talk about SMART goals. I planned to say with authority how to best… Continue reading Set a theme for 2017 and rock the new year


Field Test: natural lime deodorant

A natural, effective, aluminium-free deodorant is something I’ve been seeking for years. Even better would be a natural, effective, aluminum-free antiperspirant. When we last did a survey of various natural, aluminum-free deodorants, our lineup still paled in comparison to conventional deodorants. As we last discussed, my initial search was rooted in unfounded fears about aluminum… Continue reading Field Test: natural lime deodorant


Products We Love: Hemp Seeds

   You can wear it, you can paint with it and you can eat it too. Say ‘hello’ to pot’s cousin, hemp. Hemp, a variety of Cannibis sativa, is usually called “industrial hemp” to prevent confusion with its medicinal and recreational varieties. Industrial hemp has low THC (the chemical which gives users a high), unlike the… Continue reading Products We Love: Hemp Seeds

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The Art of Hand-Lettering

You’ve seen those beautiful mantra-cized sayings delightfully scrawled onto notebook covers, motivational posters, prints and more often than not as a part of your Monday Morning Mantra. Now, I’m going to teach you how to do it. Well, just a taste. Hand-lettering is now a commodity, but it used to be the only way do… Continue reading The Art of Hand-Lettering

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3 more mobile games to melt away your woes

Last year we compiled a list of 5 relaxing mobile games. Here’s three more to add to the mix! They each have captivating soundtracks and easy to learn, hard to master premises you’ll love when you need to “unplug” from the demands of adult life. 1. Abyssrium     Google Play: Free | App Store: Free Abyssrium began… Continue reading 3 more mobile games to melt away your woes