Meet the Author

Jessica is a reporter specializing in local news and natural living hobbyist.

As a young girl she viewed her parents’ health-consciousness with disdain and skepticism, but had little control over her upbringing of home-cooked meals and vitamin supplements. As a teen she seized her independence and embraced processed and fast food, copious amounts of sugar and salt, and sat on her butt.


After years of inconvenient but ignored symptoms, she was told by her doctor she may be suffering from a common endocrine disorder. Unless she dropped weight or resumed taking hormone medications, its effects could threaten her personal health later and her fertility now.

Those “personal health” risks included the big C-word.

Determined to keep her options open, Jessica decided it was time to take her health back. Through drastic diet changes, light exercise, and stress management, the 20-something dropped 25 lbs. in one year and has kept it off for three.

The looming diagnosis disappeared as symptoms too dissolved and her body learned again how to self-regulate its hormones.

Now she shares what she has learned and continues to learn while further exploring health, the mind, and the meaning of it all.

Jessica is an author of several self-published books, including a novel and guided dream journal. In the past she has hosted a daily video blog on the nature of dreams and sleep.

Currently, Jessica lives in northern New Jersey with her cat and her parents, from whom she inherited her penchant for the pure and simple.