Forget facial cleansing brushes; use this cheap alternative instead

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As you age, you may find yourself in contact with others you never thought you’d surround yourself with. The older I get, the more blackheads I seem to meet. They’ve expanded from my nose and spread to the valleys nearby and also a colony has formed in the neighborhood of my chin.

Part of it is sebum, part of it is this dirty city environment and the rest is a need for exfoliation. What to do? I thought I needed a Foreo Luna Play when I saw it. Geez, it looked awesome. I actually watched this video to figure out which one I ought to buy.

The Luna Play is certainly the least cost prohibitive of the bunch, but at $39.99, I’d expect the darn thing to have a rechargeable/replaceable battery. According to reviews I read, the charge didn’t last the 100 or so 2-minute uses it promised.

Sure, there’s the old standby, Clarisonic. But even their basic Mia 1 is $129. No way. I needed something else. Something cheap.

I dug through the linen closet, the bathroom drawers, looking for something which looked remotely like a facial brush. Well, I found something.

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I never use those toothbrushes the dentist gives out after your cleaning, do you? They’re always soft bristles, which make them the better choice for delicate facial skin, but they’re built to froth things like toothpaste and soap and the slim bristles make their apt to do some acrobatics in and around your pores.

Foreo Issa Play

Now, before you say that’s a terrible idea, take a look at what I saw in Ulta not long after completing my little experiment. Not so far off I guess. But let me tell you, the Foreo Issa costs a lot more than your typical dental copay.

I chose a mild cleanser I had left over in my drawer and gave my dampened face a brisk but gentle scrubbing, which took about 3 minutes’ time. When I rinsed off the cleanser, my skin was shiny, glowing even and felt ultra silky smooth.

Afterward, I made sure to liberally coat my face in moisturizer to prevent the delicate, soft skin I just exposed from shriveling out in the elements. It worked wonders on my nose too. It didn’t pluck out the blackheads, but they were a lot less noticeable. Same for my plagued chin.

Do you own a Foreo or Clarisonic facial brush? Would you recommend it?

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