Why you should get your water 50oz at a time

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Go buy that jumbo bottle of spring water. No, seriously. Drinking 50 oz of water might sound like one heck of a big gulp, but it’s really a series of little sips in the grand scheme of things.

Simply put, having one very large bottle of water nearby throughout your day, whether you’re at a desk or on the road, boosts your chances of meeting your hydration goals throughout the day.

Why should you set and meet a hydration goal? Well, a well-hydrated body means clearer skin, better digestion and higher alertness for starters.

If you’ve followed my other blog posts about the magical properties of drinking water, you know you should be using WebMD’s formula for calculating your water intake needs per day.

Halve your total weight in pounds. That amount, in ounces, is your new minimum recommended amount for the day. If you’re active and sweaty, you may need to go above and beyond this benchmark.

For a 140 lb adult (that’s me), that calculates out to 70 oz. A 50 oz bottle gets you off to a great start.

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I’ll be totally honest, whether it’s one giant bottle or a small army of 16.9 oz bottles, it doesn’t really matter. However, the 50 oz bottle is easier to carry and I’ve had more success in meeting (most of) my goal through drinking out of the larger bottle. Why?

  1. I never have to get up to refill. Being engrossed in the task at hand is never an excuse to avoid taking a sip.

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  2. I can easily see my progress throughout the day. I know by noontime I should have drank roughly half the bottle. Before I leave for the day, that bottle better be empty. I can’t loose track of how many glasses I’ve had or empty small bottles I’ve recycled, either.
  3. No cheating. With water right there all the time, I’m less likely to make some tea, find a sugary drink or brew some (diuretic) coffee.

Just make sure you recycle!

How do you try to sneak more sips into your day?

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