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Reboot your routine with Daylight Savings

Michelle Seixas/

In a few days we’ll “spring forward” and gain an extra hour of sunlight in our day. If your New Years’ resolution (or theme) has stalled, this is another great to time to dust yourself off and pick up once again.

About 5 percent of Americans live with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in a given year; most are women.  Our distance from the equator affects our likelihood of facing seasonal depressive issues and our seratonin (our happiness hormone) levels tanking, with those of us in colder regions being more susceptible.

Sunlight is a crucial piece of our mental health maintenance regimen.

A boost in our sunlight availability can help reduce fatigue, anxiety, lethargy and even combat overeating by boosting our mood. When we’re in higher spirits, it’s naturally easier to take the good care of ourselves which we always should.

So this March 12, 2017 “spring forward” at 2 a.m. and start the day at the gym, with meditation, a healthy breakfast or simply an hour earlier!

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