5 creative ways to say “I love you”

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On this day where the western world celebrates its love, there are plenty of couples bound to make good on their dinner reservations, exchange gifts of chocolate and flowers and spend some quality time alone together. Children will give their parents handmade cards and certainly friends will exchange some sentiment of fondness.

Whether it’s your beau or your bestie, here are five great, low-cost ways to honor that special someone in your life.

  1. Create a photo book of all your best moments.

This can be as simple as printing out a bunch of photos at home or at your nearest pharmacy of you with your best friend and/or love. If you’ve got some time, create a scrapbook with stickers, doodles and little notes to explain why you selected each photo or when and where it was taken. No time? Send your favorite dozen to the printers, punch a hole in the corners and make a quick and easy photo ring using a loose binder ring.

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2. Have a stay-in movie night.

A Netflix subscription runs a cool $9.99 these days, and if you haven’t signed up before, your first month is free. There’s also a host of movies and shows to binge on CrackleHulu and Amazon Video. Unless Crunchy Roll is more your style? So grab the popcorn, order a pizza and grab your pajamas.

3. Send a postcard.

Our lives are full of electronic sentiments– emails, text messages, Facebook chats. They’re instant and ubiquitous. Try sending an analogue message, one that arrives in the mail (with a real stamp), to your loved one. Not only is the physical card something that can be saved and cherished, but you also have the opportunity to select a greeting or post card that reflects your sentiments or even make your own. Analogue letters take more time, especially if you create your own, and what better way to show you care than to spend precious time for someone else’s enjoyment?

4. Make a playlist for your beloved (bestie).

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Music has been called the universal language. There are songs in every language (some in no languages at all) which communicate a full range of human emotions. Start a Youtube playlist, burn a CD in your iTunes, or create a Spotify/Pandora station to illustrate your feelings. Or, if you’re the artistic type, consider writing your own song, no matter how silly, to share.

5. Go on a drive together.

Maybe you’ve been longing to make that deep, meaningful connection which comes with long discussions. Car rides are perfect for that. Consider taking along the custom playlist you just made in number four to jam to on the ride. Don’t drive? Grab a bus or train ticket and share a pair of headphones. Maybe you won’t be singing on public transit (or will you?) but you can still vibe together.

How are you spending your Valentines Day?

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