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Perspective is everything

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Each Monday on The Honeydew Facebook page we post a “Monday Morning Mantra” an inspirational quote to guide your work week.

This week I want to tell you about an interesting little mishap that reminded me of the importance of perspective. And it has to do with a motivational quote.

I was exploring author Facebook pages (because I’m always interested in seeing what other art others are creating) and I stumbled upon an author’s page which had a quote as its cover photo. Here is my own artistic rendition of the same quote:

Yikes, right? The message of the author page was one of overcoming obstacles and self-help, but this quote in the cover photo was sending me two messages: life is bleak; grammar gives me a hard time. Honestly, I was a little judgmental. I was having trouble marrying the two ideas. It caught me by such great surprise I decided to snap a photo and show a few people what I ran into online.

Then, well, I took a closer look– as we all should with things that are at first alarming, strange or silly– and clicked the photo for a full view.

Well, I am the fool here.

And as the zen masters say: BAM!

When has a mistake taught you an important lesson?

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