Products We Love: RX Bar

Maybe you heard about people at the gym chugging protein shakes. Maybe you choked down a PowerBar or two in your day, too. We’ve come a long way since the strange pressed blocks of nothing.

Today I’m going to talk to you about a beautiful little whole food bar.

Why protein is great for you:

If you paid attention in science class you’ve probably heard this one before: protein is a building block of life. Protein helps our bodies repair tissue damage and grow healthy nails and hair. Actually, our hair and nails are mostly made out of protein.

If you paid attention in P.E., you might remember protein helps us also build muscle. There’s a whole industry built on various types of whey protein powders, bars, etc.

Also, protein, in the limited sense science has been able to substantiate  has a positive effect on our feeling of fullness and satisfaction when it comes to food.

I have problems staying full in the mornings. Usually if I’m going to munch something before noontime at work it’s going to be a mountain of food, or pile of candy, or something equally awful for me early in the day.

I’ve tried my share of bars: PowerBar, D’s Naturals No Cow Bar and Quest Bar (many flavors have sucralose) to name a few. They either tasted like dirt or had another caveat which was a deal breaker.

Enter: RX Bar.

This small bar, packing 12g of protein is gluten free, soy free, dairy free and contains no added sugar. I can pronounce all its ingredients. In fact, here’s the ingredients for their coconut chocolate variety:

Dates, egg whites, almonds, cashews, cacao, coconut, sea salt, natural coconut flavor.

It’s so short and sweet, they put it right on the front of their packaging too. RX Bars also taste like their ingredients. During my taste test I got a flavor of the dates and the texture of the almonds and cashews.

It was a bit chewy, which I blame on the dates and egg whites, but at least it’s an expected texture.

Compared to Quest Bar, which packs a whopping 20g of protein on average (and are the best tasting despite their alternative sugar content) 12g seems like child’s play, but we’re really here for the taste factor.

This not a low-calorie bar. For it’s small size it packs 210 calories, but most protein bar are weighty.

Let’s face it; if we had the choice, we’d both be eating a proper breakfast.

But, will I grab one of these bad boys when I know I’ve got a hectic morning coming up? You bet!

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