Apps to help you remain New Years resolute

The new year has only just begun. Have you kept up your gym streak? Have you staved off the urge to spoil your diet?

Here are three apps to keep you on track for building healthy habits for free.

1. Aqualert Google Play: Free | App Store: Free

I found this one just before the ball dropped. It’s a nifty little stand alone water-tracking app. In its simple interface you can input or calculate how much water you want to drink a day (Take a look at this post for how to calculate how much water you should drink daily.) and log your intake with each sip. Choose the size of your drink vessel and with a single tap, log a whole bottle!

This app is especially great if you keep a water bottle with you all day. It even gives you periodic reminders to take a sip.

2. MyFitnessPal Google Play: Free | App Store: Free

MyFitnessPal by Underarmour has to be my favorite calorie counter/food tracker out there. It syncs great with my Jawbone Up 24 but also syncs with all of the most popular fitness trackers. It has what must be the biggest compendium of nutrition information for labeled and unlabeled foods and it converts your exercise and steps into burned calories.

The only area where this app falls short is it does not log your sleep. It was a big reason why I got the Up 24 in the first place, so I continue to use the UP app on the regular as well.

3. Fabulous Google Play: Free

If you ever wanted to begin a new, healthy habit, Fabulous is exactly what you are looking for. Only available for Android for the moment, Fabulous helps remind you to start the day with water, get in a healthy breakfast and get a little extra exercise.

There’s a quick menu to make you “fabulous” which can fit in some time for meditation, exercise and more.

The app begins with a short questionnaire and periodically sends you lovely motivational letters. The app can send push notifications, screen bubbles and pop-up alarms to help keep you on target. And it’s oh so adorable!

What do you resolve to do this year?

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