Products We Love: Epic bars

I am what some people might call a “purveyor of fine meat.”

Actually, no. No one would call me that. No one would call anyone that.

But I will say I am a jerky enthusiast.

Epic bars aren’t exactly jerky, but they do get the primal meat-eating hunter-gatherer diet down. Pictured we have their Bison bar with delicious bacon and cranberries. It’s got 11g of protein- the same as some meal-replacement bars- and is 200 calories.

I personally prefer their Sriracha chicken variety, which says a lot about my current Sriracha obsession, but I digress. The chicken variety is about 100 calories. I think it’s also more appropriate for me calorically since a bar is 1.5 oz.

I grab these when I’m craving some beef or (sriracha) bacon jerky, but don’t want shell out the full $6 at Trader Joe’s for a bag I’ll just inhale. So, at about half that price, I’ll limit my appetite with one of these and oh man do they hit the spot.

In addition to being higher-protein for obvious reasons (meat), Epic bars are gluten-free. They also use whole ingredients you can pronounce. Here are the ingredients for their bison bar:

Bison, uncured bacon, dried cranberries, celery powder, sea salt.

I love it when ingredient lists are also recipes!

Check them out at Trader Joe’s, Vitamin Shoppe, etc. and happy eating!

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