Field Test: natural lime deodorant

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A natural, effective, aluminium-free deodorant is something I’ve been seeking for years. Even better would be a natural, effective, aluminum-free antiperspirant.

When we last did a survey of various natural, aluminum-free deodorants, our lineup still paled in comparison to conventional deodorants. As we last discussed, my initial search was rooted in unfounded fears about aluminum causing cancer because it temporarily plugs sweat glands. Now, it’s turned into a search for something that’s natural for natural-ness’ sake.

This week I may have just found something worth mentioning. A lime!

Yes, the kind you find in the produce department.

So many deodorants…

My mother’s hair stylist who makes delicious-smelling, organic sugar scrubs was discussing a beauty tip she heard from family. Apparently a lime, when sliced and rubbed along the underarm makes a great deodorant.

However, you must use a lime! She tried a lemon and it didn’t work.

Well, I try these things so you don’t have to.

The Test:

I sliced a fresh lime and rolled the cut side all over my underarms one morning after a shower. It left my pits wet and covered in little bits of lime, but didn’t remain sticky. I will admit it did burn though. Try not to shave your arms right before you apply it. Ouch.

Like Crystal and Crystal Essence, it must be applied to clean, non-stinky pits. Like mineral salt deodorant, the lime works by preventing bacteria growth.

I went about my normal routine, which I admit hasn’t been very sweat-inducing.

That evening I asked a third party to sniff me. Did I smell like BO?  No. But there was a “curry-like” smell, I’m told. I noticed a faint scent, but not one I’d identify as “curry” or BO.

By mid afternoon the next day, however, the magic was beginning to wear off. But doesn’t everybody start to stink 30 hours after applying deodorant?

So, if my rough estimate is correct, lime is a 24-hour deodorant. Take that, 18-hour bra!

The Verdict:

So, will I clean out my medicine cabinet and wear eau-du-citron-vert from now on? Eh, well, it was kind of slow to dry and it burned a bit. But if I ever had good enough reason to abandon the chemicals in my deodorant, I’m pleased to know I have something reliable on hand.

I’ll also have to try this again on a workout day.

Give it a try and let me know how it works!

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