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The Art of Hand-Lettering


You’ve seen those beautiful mantra-cized sayings delightfully scrawled onto notebook covers, motivational posters, prints and more often than not as a part of your Monday Morning Mantra.

Now, I’m going to teach you how to do it. Well, just a taste.

Hand-lettering is now a commodity, but it used to be the only way do get your ideas down in the day before mechanical type. And if you’re going to go longhand after all these years you might as well do it in style. Enter modern day hand-lettering.

Not only is it beautiful, it has all the same benefits as coloring.

The simplest style requires carefully written, neat letters, and a small sense of direction. Yes, for today’s lesson all you’ll need to know if when you’re doing a down stroke.

After writing your letters as usual (whether print or in beautiful script) go back over your word and bold each down stroke. That might mean tracing over it again with a thicker line, or creating “bubble letters” which you’ll embellish after you’re done.

So grab a fistful of markers and let’s give it a whirl!

For your visual learners, check out this video:

If you listen really carefully, you can still hear my music in the background. Whoops. x_x

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