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3 more mobile games to melt away your woes

Last year we compiled a list of 5 relaxing mobile games. Here’s three more to add to the mix!

They each have captivating soundtracks and easy to learn, hard to master premises you’ll love when you need to “unplug” from the demands of adult life.

1. Abyssrium     Google Play: Free | App Store: Free

abyssrium_2016-11-21_19-33-44-png Abyssrium began as a research project for this list and became an obsession. You tap the tiny cute fish and coralite to general “vitality” which allows you to expand your aquarium with fish, coral and cute bonus-wielding decorations.

The tap, tap, tap motion is therapeutic and you can see results with every tap, which only serves as a motivator.

Bonus: Abyssrium comes with a VR mode, great for use with Google Cardboard. I haven’t tried it, but I bet it’s awesome.

2. Zen Koi Google Play: Free | App Store: Free

screenshot_2016-11-07-18-50-54Zen Koi has a beautiful soundtrack and graphics. You play as a koi fish in a pond, swimming among the varied flora and fauna, which you can eat to progress to the next stage.

There are two goals: to breed with other koi in the ever-expanding pond, and to consume the correct amount and combination of fauna to generate a rune which will expand the pond. Very relaxing!

3. Polyforge Google Play: Free | App Store: Free

screenshot_2016-11-07-18-48-04Polyforge tasks you with striking each of a polygons sides. Pictured here is Level 26, which is a polygon with a lot of very small sides.

The little yellow arrow shows where your beam will shoot from and touched sides glow yellow. The object is to touch each side only once to progress to the next level. Touch it twice and you’ll have to start the level over.

This app encourages you to wear headphones for the full experience. Its sounds are calming and soundtrack light, making for a very nice, relaxing experience.

Have any to add? Which apps do you relax with?

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