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Get Back to Nature!

Me, enjoying the foliage outside Frenchtown, NJ

Happy Fall! The weather is finally beginning to cool off and that makes it the perfect time of year to get off your butt and head outside.

Yes, this week’s post is a little more self-reflection than how-to, but I’m hoping my experience will motivate you to get out there and fall in love with nature!

The park made a great backdrop.
The park made a great backdrop.

I’m going to lead by example. Just this past weekend I embarked on my own impromptu adventure in my home state, albeit far, far away from my exit off the Garden State Parkway.

Where did we go? Frenchtown, which is literally right over the Delaware River from Pennsylvania.

There wasn’t a whole lot of planning involved. I didn’t even know what we were going to do when we got there. I packed my myself, some snacks and my boyfriend and we made a mad dash for the Pennsylvania border first thing after breakfast.

Frenchtown is a very small town (1.4 sq. mi.) located on the bank of the Delaware which has a high emphasis placed on the arts. The few streets they have are peppered with art galleries, bins of art for sale and small mom and pop shops selling everything from home decor to gifts and clothing.

Despite the wonders of window shopping and small town food, the real gem here is D & R State Park, a 77-mile trail which runs along the Delaware at the edge of town.

You never know what youll find out there.
You never know what you’ll find out there!

This far west of the pollution of the New York metro you can really smell the air. Yes, smell it.

In case you were wondering what clean air smells like, it’s equal parts freshly cut grass, fresh lettuce and nothingness. It smells like bright green and cool blue. There’s no real way to explain it without experiencing it, and that’s why I’m telling you to go out and get into that lovely green space.

I took a few obligatory deep breaths and looked around. “Hiking” on that flat, straight forested path was really the highlight of my weekend. Even though it was flat, you couldn’t see for miles ahead, due to the vegetation. Along our mile trek we found a gnome garden, a shrine to Ganesha and a forest of bamboo.

Oh, and plenty of scenic spots to take selfies.

You don’t have to spend a whole lot of time to re-ground yourself in nature either. I felt back on track with less than an hour under my belt. Within three hours we were on our way back to civilization (and pollution!).

The next day we found our way back to that neck of the woods to go apple picking. If you can’t see heading to the hills without good reason, apple and pumpkin picking is as good a reason as any to get out in nature.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve found while out in nature? Share your pictures!

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