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If you epillate or have ingrown hairs, the Italy towel is your knight in shining armor.

I’ve gone on and on about how much I loved the body scrub I received at King Spa & Fitness a few weeks ago. I even mentioned how I went out and ordered myself a pack of Italy towels because I was so impressed. So after a few weeks of quality time with my Italy towels (and passing my extras around to friends) I’m ready to sing its praises.

What is an Italy Towel?

An Italy Towel is a  small towel or mitten, typically made of 100 percent viscose, which when used on moist and correctly prepped skin turns your whole body into the softness that is a baby’s bottom. They do shrink a little when wet, so it helps to hold the mitten in place with your free hand when you rub.

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“Correctly prepped” means skin which has either been soaking in a warm bath or shower for up to 15 minutes.


“When used” translates to vigorously rubbing against your leg or other body part until you feel pilling under the mitten. Put your back into it! That’s not the viscose you feel pilling, though. That’s your nasty, gray, dead skin!


Isn’t it majestic?

Ingrown hairs begone!

When I first took up epillating- or painfully tweezing all the hairs out of my body instead of just cutting them down with a razor like normal people- it took a few months before I realized all those little hairs growing back in weren’t quite breaking the surface.

No, my legs were no longer the hairless paradises I had fashioned them to be. They were becoming ingrown hair farms!

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I used sugar scrubs. I used rayon mitts and towels. I dug around in my leg with ingrown hair tweezers. I scratched the skin bloody on my legs from the unstoppable itching. And it was all my fault.

I had learned to live with the itchy legs after I discontinued epillating about a year ago, but the ingrown hairs didn’t really go away. They just sort of festered. Eww.

Then, that fateful day I went to the spa and got this scrub, my hairless legs (because I had freshly shaved) were no longer so smooth. Well, they were baby-soft, but they had 20160905_215639-1become… hairy.

Because, my friends, that beautiful Korean aesthetician had exfoliated all the dead skin off my body and freed all my ingrown hairs!

“Once again I shall epillate!” I clearly recall declaring atop the slippery massage table.

I scrub my legs, among other places, at about once a week or when I feel my legs starting to get itchy again. I really recommend using a good moisturizer or oil afterward to keep your skin supple.

Happy epillating!

P.S.: Don’t use this abrasive pad on your face! Ouch!

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