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Why you must try a Korean body scrub

So I totally intend to give full-frontal coverage to my day at a Korean spa, but this week I want to focus on the main attraction to my time there: the body scrub.

I’m not talking sugar scrub, gentle exfoliation. I’m talking high speed rayon road rash on a slippery table while buck naked.

I promise it’s not painful and you feel so amazing when it’s all done. It was so totally worth it, so let me tell you more.

(I didn’t have my phone with me at all so unfortunately none of these pictures are from my actual trip.)

Exfoliation is king

Exfoliating, or sloughing off the top layer of dried out dead skin, is a staple beauty practice for good reasons. Dried skin that isn’t scrubbed away can lead to or aggravate clogged pores, ingrown hairs, calluses, ashy or generally yucky-looking joints in particular. Garden variety exfoliants include sugar scrubs, pumice stones, and the occasional chemical peel for you ladies who enjoy facials.

But let me introduce you to the Superman of exfoliating tools: the Italy towel.

Google image results for "Italy towel"
Google image results for “Italy towel”

This is the boss of scrubbing away your sorrows dead skin. After my first encounter with the Korean body scrub, I went and ordered myself a set on Amazon. I’m anxiously awaiting their arrival because wait until I tell you how awesome they are.

The scrub

The spa I went to, a Korean day spa, specializes in dry saunas with various healing properties, however the 24-hour facility also offers services like pedicures, hair cuts, massages and most importantly body scrubs.

Before I made my first trip to King Spa & Fitness, I read dozens of reviews on the place. Overwhelmingly reviewers were recommending the body scrub. So when I finally paid a visit, I knew I had to give it a go.

Gabriel Bulla/
Gabriel Bulla/

The $65 fee, which included a mandatory tip, was well worth it for the estimated hour this lace bikini-clad woman spent buffing my skin to perfection.

Before climbing on the slippery pink table, I had to soften by skin for 20 minutes in the hot tub. The locker rooms are gender segregated, and everyone is in full nude near the baths and showers. I cannot stress how you must be and totally should be comfortable with nudity in order to get the most out of your time there. It’s so low key and no one bothers you. Seriously, take it off while you’re there.

After warming my bones, the lady called me to her table, and told me to lay face up. She placed a small towel over my eyes– the only part of me that was covered. She poured more warm water over me and then began to scrub with her mitted hands.

Holy sweet hot tubs, these employees must have killer biceps! This wonderful lady scrubbed me at every angle, in

Robert Owen-Wahl/
Robert Owen-Wahl/

every crevice, and even gave my armpits the once-over. She did the front, back, both sides, sitting up, she lifted my legs, bent my knees, and scrubbed my scalp!

I need to stress this scrub was very invasive. They scrub literally everything but your face, including the parts of your body other spas blush about.

But don’t get me wrong, the whole time she was totally professional. She kept at full throttle for the entire treatment, the grey little worms of dead skin quickly piling up on the pink table. It didn’t hurt though the mitts were so abrasive; I joked she used cheese graters.

Before she finished, she rubbed me in oil (which made me almost slide right off the table when she asked me to turn over immediately after), washed and conditioned my hair and then rinsed me off. She gave me apricot scrub to scrub my face myself (which is considered too delicate for the Italy towels), and let me rinse my face in a basin of water. She beat my back a few times (which felt amazing) and then sent me on my way.

My skin still feels like a newborn baby.

Bonus: all my ingrown hairs from vigorous epilating are freed, unexplained blemishes on my body have been minimized and my skin has a healthy glow. Having all that extra yuck off my skin, I think, made my day of sweating in the various saunas all the more productive, too!

So if you’re ever near King Spa & Fitness in Palisades Park, NJ, definitely check it out for the body scrub. If you’re on a budget, do still order a pack of Italy towels for yourself and scrub, scrub scrub!

Would you ever consider this nude body scrub?

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