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4 Staycations on a Budget

Larissa Degen/
Larissa Degen/

It’s almost not fair to say “on a budget” anymore when it comes to vacations, because who doesn’t operate on a budget? Well maybe there are those clandestine few, but for us real people, the budget is life.

The summer is starting its final leg, but whether that sounds like a blessing or a curse, “vacation” is never a dirty word.

Still, we have all the chilly weather holidays ahead and the personal time that goes with it. For those of us relatively new to the grind, maybe we only have two or three days vacation left in our store.

Here are some low budget staycation ideas for a weekend or lonesome day off in the dog days of summer.

  1. Beach & a Book: It’s never to take to pop open of the summer’s hot reads while you bake yourself to a crisp on the beach. Not your idea of a good time? Maybe some magazines under a nice bushy tree in the park or an outdoor board game with a friend is in order.
  2. Rise with the Sun: A vacation might seem more like an excuse to sleep in, but consider taking the opportunity to own the morning hours doing something fun. Yoga studios sometimes offer free or discounted outdoor classes in good weather; sunrise meditation or tai chi is also a great alternative. Can’t find a group? Greet the sun on your own!
  3. Attend a festival: It’s high time for peaches and corn, at least in the Garden State. Spend some time hunting out local farmers markets, festivals and harvest get-togethers to coordinate with your time off. There are also religious feasts a-plenty in summer; feel free to skip the dogma and get right to the food and sweets!
  4. Grab a Groupon: Discount coupons grant you passage to some very cool experiences at a fraction of the price. Try a day at a sauna spa, take a soap-making class, or plan a paint ‘n sip night with the ladies. Also check credit card and work benefits promotions for added discounts!

    Where do you like to chill when you’re free from your nine-to-five? 

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