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Why we should be more like plants

It’s an election year. While candidates are drawing distinctions between themselves and their opposition, eager to present the irreconcilable differences between each of their constituencies, at the end of the day each are also vying to represent the entirety of their people. To be successful in the short as well as long term, politicians must also find what we all have in common.

In a convenient segue, we animals have some irreconcilable differences with our counterparts in the ecosystem: plants. However, we of the animal kingdom too can learn some important lessons from those with whom we appear to share so little.

  1. Sunflowers always look on the bright side. It’s good gardening advice to turn your potted plants, Gray Gray

    particularly your sunflowers because they love to turn towards the sun. Sure, our producer brethren don’t have many concerns about pensions, but most definitely need sun to go on living. We too need to seek out the sunshine in our lives, especially when it seems dark; only then can we continue to grow.

  2. The cactus understands the importance of water. Water is another one of the few things plants need to survive, and they make sure they get plenty of it. The cactus especially is a pro at storing water to survive its harsh, toasty climate. While we shouldn’t store our water, we definitely need to make sure we’re getting enough glasses so we don’t shrivel up in the summer heat! Aim for half your weight in pounds in ounces each day. (150 lbs./2= 75 oz.)
  3. Plants appreciate good conversation. Not exactly, but since plants consume carbon dioxide, our words help them grow. Listen to others, especially those who mean well, even if you don’t agree with them. Words of encouragement and sage words of advice can help make our lives easier and more fulfilling.
  4. Trees get their rest. Without a good night’s sleep we’re irritable, non-productive and sometimes anxious. Tenschert Tenschert

    Though the life of a tree may not be as mentally taxing as the life of the average blue collar human, they make sure to clock in those hours of zzz. A new study showed trees relax and droop their branches at night, pointing to perhaps the long-unnoticed day/night cycle of trees. Get your rest to be at your best!

  5. Flowers do better when they lose dead weight. Pruning flowering plants of dead and wilted material helps promote healthy growth for the rest of the plant. These leaves and buds are already past their prime and are a drain on the plant as a whole. When done properly, our plants are better for proper pruning. Once in a while we may need to cut toxic people from our social circles. There’s no shame in it, just as there is none in clipping a dried leaf. Sometimes such things must be done.

How will the world be different when we realize at our core, we are all the same?

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