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(Visual) Recipe: Coconut Honey Sugar Scrub

So excited this week because I have a very visual recipe for you, courtesy of Kat Yelz, an awesome watercolor illustrator. Make sure you check out her website.

This is my go-to scrub recipe that I use for everything. The large sugar crystals in this Turbinado Cane Sugar make for a great coarse scrub, while (local) raw honey is my very favorite humectant and antibacterial sweetener. Finally extra-virgin coconut oil, which is solid at room temperature, is a nice smelling, light oil that I find adds a good amount to moisture to the skin without making it overly greasy. Be sure to prepare your scrub with the oil as a solid.

I’ve linked to the brands I personally use- save the honey- because what is “local” depends on where you are!

Courtesy of Kat Yelz

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