Field Test: European Clay Powder Mask, Part II


So I said I’d give these European mud mask thing another try. After it left my face an aching, blustery red and broke out my brow, I’ve been reluctant to give this “healing” clay another go.

20160607_201147I’ve actually tried it twice since our last mis-adventure and now I think I’ve finally got this mud pie recipe right.

Last time I threw together the clay powder and water and laid it on thick, like with a co-worker you can’t stand. The directions suggest jojoba oil and lavender essential oil for dry skin, but with my combo skin I thought that advice was totally not for me.

Jojoba oil is my new lord and savior.

I added about 8 drops of this to 2 tablespoons of the powder, then thinned it out with a tablespoon of water.

I slapped it on and waited the obligatory 20 minutes.

It dried and cracked like before. And despite my past experience, I lined the sink with paper towels and rubbed/chipped the dried mask off my face.

Then, I tossed the dried chunks and rinsed my face with water.

At first my face was still kind of blotchy but smooth like a baby’s butt. I slathered on some pure aloe vera gel for hydration and went about my evening.

About 3 hours later, look at my face…

Looking pretty good, right?
Looking pretty good, right?

I’ve been keeping at staying hydrated, which I think is really important for your skin’s durability, but the jojoba oil is just as important. Both times it saved my face from the dry crackle doom of this mud and I have to say I’m really pleased with the results.

So this goes to show some things deserve second (and third! ) tries.

Any products or routines you’ve tried and hatred at first and loved later?
Let me know so I can try them!

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