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Real Talk Tips to Get Fit When You’re Lazy

I’m the girl who dropped 20 pounds with little more than diet changes. I lost weight on the condition that I wouldn’t have to exercise.

Listen. Three weeks ago I joined a gym. Yes, me.

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And I’ve gone faithfully three times a week since. Because I want to tone up my slimmed-down body.

Here’s the kicker: since I’ve been going I’ve never felt better.

Okay. Maybe when I was eight-years-old, but I haven’t felt this good in years.

I’m not going to get preachy here, because there are enough Tony Little and Gillian Anderson Jillian Michaels DVDs to make you feel so bad about yourself that you sit all afternoon on the couch sobbing into a gallon of ice cream. Instead, I’m going to give you three little insights into how I make it work.

  1. The gym is like another job. When I am motivated to go– that’s great. But every other time I’m inclined to queue another episode of X-Files instead, I tell myself I have to go, whether I like it or not. Can’t keep calling in sick. I turn out liking it by the end because my workout also doubles at my zen time yoga-1349913-1599x2132
  2. Like work, work out on a schedule. I go three times a week, whether that’s to a Zumba class or just to go a few miles on the elliptical. I have clearly defined times I go, so it becomes an obligation. Yuck, I hate obligations, too. But I can no longer afford to break these dates with myself.
  3. Take note after each work out when you feel ah-mazing. Sure, there’s the satisfaction of knowing you just kicked that playlist’s butt (or that
    you successfully made up your own dance moves for the past hour without anyone noticing), but the real reward is how you feel. No, not out of breath. You moved. You got those calories back. Each time you commit to that movement, your body gains more endurance. Maybe you feel the pull in your abs a little. Maybe your pants fit a little more flattering after you get out of your post-workout shower. Take note of that, and the deluge of endorphins flooding your bloodstream.

When I get home I feel more pep in my step, my hunger disappears, and there’s something about my food and activity logger updating with all those calories I burned that motivates me for my next visit. I haven’t lost a lot of weight so far (I think I’m clocking in a max of -1.2 lbs) but my muscles feel stronger and most importantly I feel better. And feeling good is an amazing motivator.

Don’t ever give up.

And don’t over-exert!

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