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Recipe: Easy & Natural Moisturizing Spray

Having oily skin, which breaks out when unwashed and still somehow gets dry awful patches in winter, it has been the struggle of my life to find something gentle that won’t clog my pores but still keep my skin supple.
For a while I used fresh aloe vera straight from the plant and it worked wonders in summertime and dry heat. Then I moved. Then came winter. Commercial aloe vera more often than not contain alcohols, dyes, and stabilizers that I really didn’t want to stick in my body.
I tried out a few products on their own since, but found in tandem they work even better.

This recipe is really flexible, so we’re going to be working in “parts” rather than ounces, cups, etc.

1 part Jojoba Oil
1 part Vegetable Glycerin
24 parts rosewater
24 parts distilled water
1 fingertip spray bottle (I use 2 oz.)

Combine parts into spray bottle, shake and spray. Use 3-5 facial spritzes to hydrate skin as a part of your nightly routine, to set makeup, or after a shower.

Now, 24 parts looks like a lot, but I’m thinking in teaspoons. But, since we’re measuring in parts you could just as easily make this recipe using a coffe cup or thimble.
Also, if you’re not a fan of roses or rosewater, you can simply double up on the distilled water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, or go scent-free! As for me, I love the added aromatherapy factor.

About our ingredients…
20160229_223629Jojoba oil is a rich, yellow oil derived from the jojoba plant which grows in hot climates like the American south west and Mexico. The oil is purported by a host of natural beauty and health websites as being chemically very similar to the sebum, or skin oil, secreted by the body. This person’s labor-intensive blog post attempts to find the source of these claims. It’s not much like sebum, it turns out, but the jury is still out on the magic it works on your skin. The advice of the beauty websites state replacing the stripped sebum with jojoba oil can help keep pores clear, healthy, and free of blemishes. The science may not be so clear, but but my skin is. I like Trader Joe’s brand.

Vegetable glycerin is the same glycerin we know from glycerin soap, but I20160229_223505
bet you didn’t know it’s also a natural sweetener! Yes, pour a few drops in your tea or add to your recipes and it lends a light, sweet flavor. Vegetable glycerin, like honey, is a “humectant,” meaning it attracts moisture, in this case, to the skin. I use Heritage Store brand.

20160229_223547Rosewater is a natural astringent and anti-inflammatory, made by steeping rose petals in water. It tones and moisturizes skin, and is sometimes found bottled with glycerin (though all the ones I’ve found have other added nasty chemicals). Check out this article for more on rosewater. Be sure to get yours sans-alcohol. I use Heritage Store brand.


Distilled water is just good ol’ naked H2O. That means no minerals, no impurities, no chlorine, which is great for your face. Your insides are a separate story.

I love this recipe so much and it’s kept my skin moist and my blackhead-prone nose clearer. How does it work for you? Did you add anything to our recipe?

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