5 Relaxing Mobile Games to Unwind and Recharge

Mobile games can be great for relaxing and de-stressing as well as waking up to face the day. But not all mobile games are created equal. Here are 5 mobile games that are perfect for end of the day unfolding.

Most of these apps have paid versions, but I’ll include the lowest price you can pay to play below.

1. Quell     Google Play: Free | App Store: $1.99

Quell’s premise is simple: slide the raindrop to 2016_03_16_17.10.07collect the pearls. Avoid the spikes. Get achievements. The bright colors just sort of make you feel lighter on the inside and it’s just hard enough to be challenging but not frustrating. The sound effects are gentle and atmospheric too!

The ads aren’t super obtrusive on Android, but if you’re really buggered by them, there’s also a paid ad-free version.

2. Bejeweled Classic (Zen Mode)  Google Play: Free | App Store: Free

What could be more relaxing than the comforting repetition of 2016_03_16_16.38.12making three? I know, with things exploding, deep-voiced narrators, and a ticking time meter, how can it be relaxing? Well, I bring you “zen” mode.

Zen mode has a lot of options, my favorite of which is the subliminal breath training. It really calms you down without realizing. The point bar also never goes down, and as you can see I’ve played up to level 32 and have not run out of moves, so maybe that’s also a perk?

If you’re in the mood zen mode also has nature sound and various tracks with positive affirmations.

3. Blendoku 2   Google Play: Free | App Store: Free

2016_03_17_18.05.06Blendoku 2 is Blendoku’s second incarnation, and it’s so much prettier. The object of the game is to add color swatches to the board so that the gradient is smooth. It’s more or less textless and from the go it’s intuitive. Great for when you just want some mindless gaming to take you mind off everything else in the world.

The music and sound effects are minimal and light and there’s this sense of success when you finally get the right combination.

NOTE: If you use a blue-light canceling app like Twilight, Blendoku is unplayable on all but the most basic levels. The subtlety of the colors can be easily obscured by the screen tint.

4. Kami  Google Play: Free  | App Store: $1.99

Kami is exactly about the thing it’s titled after, which is “paper” in Japanese. Also,- wow- these developers great2016_03_17_19.07.18 at making their game look like the genuine article! Kami is kind of reminiscent of using the bucket tool in MS Paint, which fills any space you select until it is bordered by another color.

The object is to fill the screen with all of the same color paper, by applying other colors over the pattern on the screen. The beginning ones are quite straightforward but the puzzles get mentally-intensive soon after.

The minimalist Asian-inspired music and gentle paper sounds make it all a very relaxing experience that I highly recommend! Especially I’d you’re lucky enough to have paper crinkled as one of your ASMR triggers.

5. Alphabear   Google Play: Free | App Store:  Free

2016_03_16_17.17.18I will confess, this game is a regular bed time game for me.

I would tell you how much I love Alphabear, along with how I love Spry Fox’s other games, but I can’t. It’s just something you have to experience yourself. It’s like Scrabble meets Triple Town decor and it’s all kinds of cute. The object is to spell words with generated letters before their turn meter runs out, rack up points, and unlock bears which help you get a higher end score.

For relaxation reasons here I’m talking about the untimed boards, because the timed boards are not relaxing at all. The untimed boards, usually “big boards” or other boards named for the current day of the week, are much like the rest of the Alphabear challenges, but you build and plot out words at your own pace. The bears you’ve chosen for power-ups cheer you on as you take advantages of their perks and there’s a sort of strange satisfaction we word people get as we find a use for a plate full of g’s, v’s, and h’s.

Honey and coins, Alphabear’s currency, replenish with a combination of playing and waiting, so unless you purchase unlimited honey, this function keeps you from enjoying the game a little too much.

I hope you like this list! Did we miss any relaxing games you love? Let us know!

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