Products we Love: Hint flavored water

16 fluid ounces of water with just a “hint” of fruit flavor.

When you’re dieting, or otherwise replacing your intake of fruit juices, smoothies, sodas, flavored coffees, and sweetened teas, you eventually grow tired of plain Jane water. Sometimes you just need a bit of flavor. Typically, I turn to seltzer, but it’s difficult to chug that bubbly goodness when you’re seriously thirsty.

When I found Hint at my local Stop & Shop supermarket the other day, I decided to give their watermelon flavor a try. Looking on their website now it’s marked as their “best seller.” Good pick, I guess!

The experience:

There’s no fizz when you crack the seal and it goes down smooth like water. In fact, it tastes just like water. You don’t pick up on the subtle notes of fruit flavor except for an aftertaste. It’s definitely true to its name in being “unsweet.”20160206_170653

It’s comparable to water you’ve infused with fruit, and that’s basically what Hint is anyway.  On the other hand, a whiff of the drink and you’d swear you were about to drink a bottle of liquid watermelon Jell-o.

The great bits about it are the 0 calorie factor, “all natural” and “non-GMO,” no sweeteners or preservatives.

Hint notes it’s vegan, gluten-free, and even kosher. Here, take a look at the ingredients:

Ingredients: purified water, watermelon, and other natural flavors from non-GMO plants.

Will I be chugging Hint all day long? Probably not, since on sale my 16 oz. bottle was $1.25. I’m probably more inclined to leave my quart of seltzer uncapped on the counter and drink it flat seeing it costs only $0.79 for two-and-a-half times more beverage.

However, I haven’t found a natural watermelon seltzer yet. Hmm.


Note: Hint drinks also come in “fizz” varieties, which I assume are like seltzer, but I haven’t tried them.

On their website, Hint also notes varieties with a “kick.” (read: 60 mg of caffeine)

They also make lip balm and it looks super refreshing!

Have you tried Hint drinks? Which is your favorite?


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