Products we love: Beanitos, Late July

Beanitos on the shelf at Fairway Markets

Part of transitioning to a healthier food regimen is finding alternatives to all the tasty things you discover you must leave behind.

I couldn’t trade my juice for Crystal Lite without risking aspartame (aka Equal) and Red 40, among other things. I was looking to go GMO-free and as un-processed as possible.

After some yuck and some yum, here are some Honeydew-approved tasty and wholesome(er) alternatives to the mainstream brands we grew up with.

Skip Doritos, crunch Beanitos
At first it was a love affair with the Cool Ranch. Then, even cooler than ranch was the Sweet and Spicy Chili variety. Let’s not forget our friend Nacho Cheese, either.

Doritos are a fried corn chip dusted with milk cultures, various spices, and food colorings. At 140 calories per serving on average, you’re getting “about 11 chips,” a paltry amount of fiber, and zero calcium, according to nutrition facts for Nacho Cheese.

Swap for Beanitos Better Cheddar and keep the calorie point per serving, plus enjoy 5g of fiber per serving, and satisfy 4 percent of your daily calcium needs. Another added bonus is they’re gluten, corn, and preservative-free!

If that doesn’t convince you, Doritos’ ingredient list is also exceptionally longer than Beanitos. There are some similarities; oil, cheddar cheese, whey, buttermilk… but why the artificial colors?


Despite the ingredient difference, the flavors are so strikingly similar that I don’t miss Doritos as all. Even though they’re bean-based, they have a pleasant crunch and similar mouth-feel, too.

Beanitos are also Non-GMO Project Verified, for those interested.

Beanitos aren’t available in every grocery store. I found mine at Fairway and Market Basket. Try checking the organic  or gluten-free section of your grocery store.

BONUS: Trade in your bag of Cooler Ranch and head to the Dude Ranch. Late July brand has a non-GMO, organic rendition of the crispy chip.

Late July chip varieties at Fairway Markets.
Late July chip varieties at Fairway Markets.

Ciao Chipotle; hello, Late July
If you’re a fan of the salty lime goodness crammed into Chipotle corn chips, but less excited about all those preservatives, check out Late July’s Sub Lime variety.
While I have to hand it to Chipotle, despite the battle they faced with food-poisoning in 2015, for all their use of locally-sourced ingredients, anti-biotic free meat and dairy, and their GMO-free transition, I’m not a big fan of Propionic Acid or Benoic Acid. (If you dine in California, Oregon, or Washington you receive a different cast of characters in your chips)

Yes, those chips served warm and oily in their bag are chock full of preservatives, unfortunately.

Let’s compare:


Late July’s list is crammed with organics, but I’m not complaining. Their products are also labeled as Non-GMO Project Verified as well as Certified Organic.

I have to wonder, when Chipotle goes through the trouble to give the appearance of fresh chips, why do they have to go through the trouble of adding preservatives, while this packaged variety of chip does not?

The good news for all is that Chipotle is looking to phase-out their preservatives via their tortilla suppliers, according to their website. Until that day, you have a home alternative made with 100 percent whole grain.

I got my Late July chips from Fairway here in New Jersey, but I’ve also seen them in good supply up in New England. Check your local grocer and….

Bon Appetite!

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